Friday, January 23, 2015

Should you purchase a Silca SBB key programmer?

Silca SBB Key Programmer
    Many people have thought about purchasing this key programmer, the Silca SBB key programmer, Doesn't matter which version (I think it's up to V33.02) and a lot of people want to know if it's a good investment or not. I myself have purchased 2 of these programmers at about $105 each both have stopped working. I was able to get a good 10-15 keys programmed before they died.    
     The key programmers are based of the Ilco TKO which cost about $3000 depending on your supplier. My experience with the Silca SBB key programmer is mixed. This programmer doesn't last very long and it's manufactured poorly. I've had problems programming Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep.
  I was able to use this programmer to start out with but I would recommend purchasing a quality programmer at some point like the MVP PRO or Ilco TKO. These machines come backed by the manufacturer and will last a long time. The knock off machines are known to be unreliable and cause more harm then good. Its my opinion that a good machine is the better choose but I of all people understand times are tough and people have budgets. Good Luck out there and I hope this article helped you make a good decision.

Quality Machine (Ilco TKO or MVP PRO)  

  • Works every time
  • Programs more vehicle
  • One machine does most
  • Manufacturer's Warranty  


  • Expensive to purchase 
  • Requires tokens for each vehicle

Cheap Machine (SBB or T-300)

  • Inexpensive 
  • Doesn't require tokens 
  • Can program a good amount of cars 


  • Unreliable 
  • Made poorly 
  • Can cause damage to customers vehicle  
  • Wont last long 

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