Friday, August 1, 2014

How to pick a Lock

When learning to pick a lock you must know how a lock functions and the purpose and application of the lock you are picking. There are some locks that are nearly impossible to pick, at least some will seem that way to a novice lock picker. The skills you are about to learn are not intended for illegal use.

Here are a few different types of locks and how to approach picking them when the time comes.

Pin and tumbler locks. These are the majority of locks that are out there and that are not high security locks,
Lock cylinder depiction 

The objective is to separate the Top pin from the bottom pin in each chamber. These can be accomplished several different ways,

  •  Picking by hand, these involves some skill
  •  Using a pick gun, common for novice pickers
  •  Using a bump key, one of the easiest ways to learn 
I myself use all three depending on the application. 

When picking a lock by hand you need to put slight pressure in either direction so that the pins catch on the ledge of the cylinder. The principal is that through the machining process not that chamber holes are the same size, or not of the pins are the same width and the chamber holes are not perfectly straight.  

When you apply light pressure in either direction you want to push the pins up one at a time, going in and out until the lock is picked. 

If you cant seem to pick the lock call your local Locksmith.